Okinawa Prefecture is located at the southernmost point of the Japanese archipelago, and is comprised of 160 islands (of those 37are inhabited). These islands are in an area roughly 1,000 kilometers from east to west and 400 kilometers from north to south. The subtropical island resort Okinawa is an attractive MICE destination within a region that holds a market of 2 billion people, and can be reached within a 4-hour flight from Japan or other Asian cities. What makes Okinawa quite intrinsic when compared with other regions in Japan lies in its history (once an independent kingdom called Ryukyu) and culture. Okinawa is regarded as Japan's front-runner in that it intensifies multiple interchanges with the world in the fields of economy, academia, culture, health, longevity, natural environment,sports, etc. In recent years, the number of visitors to Okinawa matches up evenly with those to Hawaii thanks to the improvement of its aviation infrastructure and the increasing number of conferences held at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University(OIST), a world-class education and research institution. During the Ryukyu Kingdom era, Okinawa flourished through trade with Japan, China and other southeast Asian nations and thus developed as an oceanic commerce focal point. Looking at Okinawa from another perspective, a strong desire for world peace lies in the core of Okinawan people because this is where 200,000 lives were lost during the Battle of Okinawa. Since Okinawa accumulated and acculturated diverse values from the age of interchange and association with other countries, the people of Okinawa have an open-minded mentality that welcomes all visitors beyond its boundaries, known as Bankoku Shinryo spirit. Okinawa serves as a bridge linked to Japan and Asia aimedat establishing itself as an eminent MICE destination so that we,Okinawans, can contribute to the sustainable development of Asia-Pacific region. Okinawa is the place where you can encounter “inspirationalcreativity” to link any countries, people, and wisdom, and we pledge to lead your MICE to a higher-level of success.

日本最南端の沖縄県は、東西約1000㎞、南北約400㎞の広大な県域に160の島々と39の有人離島を有する亜熱帯海洋性気候の島嶼リゾートで、飛行機で4時間以内に日本やアジアの約20億人の市場へアクセス可能な魅力的なMICE都市です。 日本にありながら独特の歴史や文化を持つ沖縄は経済、学術・文化、健康・長寿、自然環境、スポーツ等の分野で世界との多元的交流を深化させる「日本のフロントランナー」と位置づけられており、近年、航空インフラ整備に伴う入域観光客の増加や、世界最高水準の研究教育機関「沖縄科学技術大学院大学(OIST)」による国際会議の増加等により、入域観光客数はハワイと肩を並べるようになりました。 沖縄は、かつて琉球王国の時代、日本、中国をはじめ東南アジア等に至る広範な地域で中継貿易を展開してきた海邦交流拠点としての歴史があります。また、20数万人余の尊い命が奪われた悲惨な沖縄戦は、平和を希求する沖縄の心の原点になっています。 世界の国々と協調し、交流と共生の歴史の中で多様な価値観を受容してきた沖縄には、あらゆる垣根を越え、訪れる全ての人を受け入れるオープンマインド、「万国津梁の精神」が受け継がれています。私たちは、日本とアジアの架け橋となり、アジア・太平洋地域の持続的発展に貢献するMICE都市として、確固たる地域を確立することを目指しています。 国を、人を、英知を繋ぎ、「ひらめきや創造性」に出会える沖縄で、私たちは、皆様のMICEを高い次元で成功に導くことをお約束します。
Osaka University Professor
Koji Hashimoto
教授 橋本 幸士 氏
Date/会期:June 25th(Monday) ~ June 29th(Friday), 2018
Attendance/参加人数:About 400 from 30 countries (304 from abroad, 96 from Japan)/30カ国約400名(海外304名、国内96名)

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Q1 Why was Okinawa selected as the conference venue?
 There are three key factors why we decided on Okinawa; first of all, the existence of the international research body Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST), whose system is unhampered by the common state of how universities in Japan should be; the second reason is that we had the endorsement by OIST's President; and finally, there are many professional staff to support the conference.

Q1 なぜ開催地に沖縄を選んだのですか?

Q2 How would you describe the charm of Okinawa as a conference venue?
 The cultural evening was a great success and we learned about the significance of Okinawa within the Asian region, and the history and culture of Okinawa through the traditional entertainment performed; all of which left deep impressions in our minds. At the Speaker's dinner, a Nobel laureate and a recipient of the Field prize commented that they had enjoyed the beauty of Okinawa's dynamic coastlines, and everything had been retained as pleasant memories of Okinawa. I think Okinawa will collectively receive a high satisfaction rating as a conference venue, because Okinawa can provide a historical element and a natural environment as an all-inclusive program. Also, Okinawa has OIST, there is a chance to interact with the local people, it has a good climate, and it is accessible from other Asian cities. All of these are sufficient and ideal elements for a conference venue.

Q2 開催地としての沖縄の魅力をどのようにお感じになられましたか。

Q3 Would you leave a message to those who are considering organizing an event in Okinawa?
 Participants were delighted by Okinawa's outstanding climate, its subtropical culture, and its relaxed sense of time. Almost all of the first-time visitors to Okinawa were surprised at all the experiences they encountered in Okinawa, and they were induced by the feeling of relaxation. I believe their time spent in Okinawa will remain as one of their wonderful memories.

Q3 沖縄でのイベント開催を検討される主催者へのアドバイスをお願いします。

Nanovation Inc., President
Mr. Hirofumi Nakano
中野 博文 氏
Date/会期:May 9th(Wednesday) ~ May 12th(Saturday), 2018
Venue/会場:ROYAL HOTEL OKINAWA ZANPAMISAKI and its surrounding/ロイヤルホテル沖縄残波岬及び周辺施設
Attendance/参加人数:About 400 from Japan/国内約400名

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Q1 Why was Okinawa selected as the conference venue?
 We set two objectives for this event; “to share one's knowledge and experience” and “to network”. In order to accomplish our objectives, we needed an extraordinary atmosphere that draws inspiration. And Okinawa was the place that met our requirements.

Q1 なぜ開催地に沖縄を選んだのですか?

Q2 What were the secrets of success for Marketing Agenda 2018?
  We were asking ourselves “How can we produce a meeting that can leave a dynamic and vivid memory for participants, and direct them to purposeful networking?” We were also looking for new ideas when we had the opportunity to meet the people of Yomitan Village. During our interchange with them, good plans arose. We cannot thank the people of Yomitan enough for their sincere support and for everything they did during the conference, especially for the networking party at the UNESCO World Heritage Zakimi-jo Site Park. Many lanterns were placed along its paths, the castle walls were lit up, the catered foods perfectly met our needs, and the local performers entertained us with Eisa dance. In addition, the local fishing association offered us a special cruise so that we could look up at the landscape of Cape Zanpa from the ocean.

Q2 イベントの成功の秘訣を教えてください。

Q3 Would you leave a message to those who are planning to hold an event in Okinawa?
 Okinawa is a fun place, especially when you bring along your family, and it is the ideal MICE venue where new ideas and profound communication can be created, which leads to an increase in the participants' satisfaction level.

Q3 沖縄でのイベント開催を検討される主催者へのアドバイスをお願いします。

JTB Australia Pty. Ltd.
General Manager for Outbound division
Ms. Kumiko Hardy
JTB Australia Pty. Ltd.
ハーディ 久美子 氏
Date/会期:August 2017 (Total 10 days: Okinawa 5 nights 6 days)
Venue/会場:The Busena Terrace Hotel and other areas on Okinawa's main island and Tsuken Island/ザ・ブセナテラス他沖縄本島内各地、津堅島
Attendance/参加人数:67 from abroad/海外67名

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Q1 Why was Okinawa selected as the venue?
 We decided on Okinawa because many of the participants had been to Japan quite a number of times. So we wanted to select a new destination that even their accompanied family members could enjoy their stay at, and of course we wanted a place where a special experience was possible. The top sales performers and their family members from across Australia landed in Tokyo at
first and enjoyed a formal dinner there, then flew to Okinawa where they spent 6 days.

Q1 なぜ開催地に沖縄を選んだのですか?

Q2 How would you describe the charm of Okinawa as a destination for the incentive tour?
 There are plenty of programs to choose from for the different needs of the participants and their families ‒ like marine activities that can be enjoyed by all ages, and programs to deepen the understanding of Okinawa's history and culture. Okinawa's secure, safe and clean cities also helped us plan our programs to be enjoyed in full swing.

Q2 開催地としての沖縄の魅力をどのようにお感じになられましたか。

Q3 Would you leave a message to those who are considering holding an event in Okinawa?
 I feel we made a good decision to bring the tour to Okinawa because our participants are repeated travelers to Japan, but we could provide them with a different charm of Japan. It goes without saying that renewing family bonds for the participants is important, but also freshly created motivation and inspiration through their experiences in Okinawa will help to expand and enhance the organizer's future business.

Q3 沖縄でのイベント開催を検討される主催者へのアドバイスをお願いします。

Institute of Ocean Energy
Saga University (IOES)
Deputy Director
Mr. Yasuyuki Ikegami
池上 康之 氏
Date/会期:September 26th (Wednesday) ~ 27th (Thursday), 2018
Venue/会場:OIST, Kume Island/沖縄科学技術大学院大学、久米島
Attendance/参加人数:83 from 12 countries (40 from abroad,43 from Japan)/12ヵ国83名(海外40名、国内43名)

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Q1 Why was Okinawa selected as the venue?
 Ocean thermal energy conversion(OTEC) is a mechanism to generate power using temperature differences between surface and deep seawater.Practical application of oceanic energy is highly expected to steadily provide renewable energy. A deep seawater power generation demonstration project has been taking place on Kume Island located to the west of Okinawa's main island. It is one of the first such projects in the world. That is why we selected Okinawa as the symposium venue.

Q1 なぜ開催地に沖縄を選んだのですか?

Q2 How would you describe the charm of Okinawa as a conference venue?
 The main symposium venue was at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST), a leading research and development center in the subtropical island group, whom we have been cooperating with. We held an optional tour to Kume Island to visit OTEC demonstration facility and few other deep seawater related facilities. The participants from around the world thought highly of the symposium in Okinawa because they were given a chance to take the optional tour program, to enjoy delicious local foods, and to encounter local people who welcomed us with their warm hospitality.

Q2 開催地としての沖縄の魅力をどのようにお感じになられましたか。

Q3 Would you leave a message to those who are considering holding an event in Okinawa?
 Okinawa's accessibility is a big advantage for participants from Asian nations because they can fly to mainland Japanese cities, Hong Kong or Taiwan airports, then get a connecting flight to Okinawa.

Q3 沖縄でのイベント開催を検討される主催者へのアドバイスをお願いします。

Tokyo University of Agricu
lture and Technology Grad
uate School Institute of Ag
riculture Division of Scienc
e for Biological System Veterinary Anatomy Laboratory
Mr. Masahiro Kaneda
金田 正弘 氏
Date/会期:September 27th (Wednesday) ~ 29th (Friday), 2017
Venue/会場:Okinawa Convention Center/沖縄コンベンションセンター
Attendance/参加人数:794 from 32 countries (384 from abroad,410 from Japan)/32ヵ国794名(海外384名、国内410名)

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Q1 Why was Okinawa selected as the conference venue?
 Chinese and Korean representatives have been participating in the congress from the past two congresses. We selected Okinawa as the venue because of its accessibility from other Asian nations, especially from China and Korea. And it was helpful to receive various assistance from Okinawa including the subsidy for the pre-inspection tour of the venue and chartering coaches, and also sending local performing artists to the reception parties.

Q1 沖縄を開催地に選ばれた理由は何ですか?

Q2 How was the congress in Okinawa?
 Thanks to the subsidy for registration fees and airfare for younger researchers and students provided by WCRB and of course with the charm of Okinawa, the number of participants significantly surpassed the previous congresses. Despite the unexpected great increase in the number of participants, the conference ended on a high note and was highly acclaimed, I felt a great sense of relief.

Q2 沖縄での開催はいかがでしたか?

Q3 Would you leave a message to those who are considering holding an event in Okinawa?
 Having a conference in Okinawa is very attractive for both domestic and international participants. Once a person attends a conference in Okinawa,he/she will want to nominate Okinawa as a destination for their future hosted conferences. I hope more people visit Okinawa, not just for sightseeing, but also for their academic interchange.

Q3 現在、沖縄開催を検討している主催者へ一言メッセージをお願いします。

All Japan Supermarket
Association Chairman
Mr. Hajime Tajiri
会長 田尻 一 氏
Date/会期:November 14th (Tuesday) ~ November 16th (Thursday), 2017
Venue/会場:The Busena Terrace and other locations/:ザ・ブセナテラス 他
Attendance/参加人数:About 1,000 from Japan/国内約1000名

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Q1 Would you tell us the effect after holding your conference in Okinawa?
 At The 55th Anniversary of AJS Foundation Okinawa Conference, whose theme was to deepen “bond”, we invited the renowned Okinawa band BEGIN,and setting up co-sponsored Okinawa local food producers' booths. At the grand finale, 550 fireworks were set off, and this was when the participants were reminded how much they were inspired by the extraordinary experience in Okinawa and they felt their bond deepened. Now we are ready for the further growth of AJS.

Q1 沖縄での開催効果をお聞かせください。

Chubu University
Department of
Technology Department of
Mechanical Engineering
Mr. Hirofumi Suzuki
中部大学工学部機械工学科 教授
鈴木 浩文 氏
Date/会期:December 3rd (Sunday) ~ December 6th (Wednesday), 2017
Attendance/参加人数:239 people from 17 countries (134 from abroad, 105 from Japan)/17ヵ国239名(海外134名、国内105名)

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Q1 What was your impression of holding the conference in Okinawa?
 We had the biggest number of participants ever in the conference history.There were many international participants, for example from China, Taiwan,Germany and Australia. This has got to do with the charm of the venue, Okinawa.Some companies that attended the conference are considering the relocation of their manufacturing division to Okinawa after they found out that Okinawa is designated as a special economic zone. One element for this consideration must derive from the chance to inspect a factory complex first-hand during their stay in Okinawa.

Q1 沖縄での開催はいかがでしたか?
 過去最大規模の参加があり、中国、台湾、ドイツ、 オーストラリアなど、世界各国から多くの参加者を得ることができました。これは、開催地が沖縄であったことにほかなりません。また、沖縄が経済特区であることがわかり、会社の製造部門を移設することを検討されている参加企業様もあります。実際に現地で工業団地の視察ができたことも、成果につながったと思います。

Q2 Would you tell us some of the programs that you especially remember?
 All the programs were evaluated highly by international participants and promoted a very lively exchange among participants; a welcome reception at a beachside venue, a workshop at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST),and a banquet at Bankoku-shinryokan Hall where participants encountered Okinawan cultural aspects such as Ryukyu drum and Ryukyu Shishimai dance, a technical tour at OIST, and a visit to the Ryukyu glass factory studio Okinawa Kougeimura. I hear that many of the participants who attended the conference learned the charm of Okinawa and other mechanical engineering conference organizers say that “they are interested in holding a conference in Okinawa”

Q2 印象に残ったプログラムをお聞かせください。

  • 石垣島の絶景ビーチ


(JNTO MICE誘致アンバサダー)
教授 尾知 博
  • 沖縄の伝統芸能エイサー


(JNTO MICE誘致アンバサダー)
教授 井佐原 均