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About Okinawa MICE brand

Situated at the heart of Asia,
the islands of Okinawa have long served as the trading hub
connecting countries, peoples, and wisdom while creating new values in the process.
Today, Okinawa is bridging businesses to the future.

Stunning beauty of the islands will bring the power on your life.
Extraordinary atmosphere will inspire creativity and excitement.
Okinawa offers a truly remarkable setting for igniting your innovation and business growth.
In fact, over a thousand MICE events are proudly held in Okinawa each year.

Okinawa is ready to welcome you and your guests from all over the world.
Okinawa will empower your business

OKINAWA, where inspiration meets.


Brand logo


Tag line

Where inspiration meets

As the tag line followed by ““OKINAWA Japan”,
we propose Okinawa as the
“place where you can encounter inspiration and creativity.”

Symbol design

Symbol design

The word symbol painted in the color of Okinawa’s oceans
expresses the creation of “new value” through inspiration
and connected ideas that emerge from “dialogue.”
The symbol in the upper right means that ideas born from MICE will evolve significantly
and that the businesses of the MICE participants will take a great leap forward in the world.
The four balloons symbolize the four elements of MICE and are
symbolically superimposed on the islands of Okinawa that are developing as business cities.


OKINAWAN distinctive history, culture, and natural environment, compared to other areas of Japan,
promote borderless interactions and friendships with people from all over the world.
This is where you find the spirit of Bankoku Shinryo, passed down since the Ryukyu kingdom era,
that helped the nation prosper.
Okinawa, connecting countries, peoples, wisdom, and businesses together,
surely opens doors to the future and is the crossroad to effect changes.
A special experience in this business-oriented community of “Okinawa”,
also known as one of the leading vacation resorts in Asia,
will energize you for tomorrow and bring about a vast ocean-like inspiration to you.
Okinawa’s evolving business environment is Asia’s bridge for development in the 21st century and
links created “values” to the future.

Voice of JNTO Ambassador and local hosts

Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST)/Associate Vice President, Public Relations Dr. Yohei Morita

The Okinawa charms seen by local host

First appointment of a “JNTO MICE Invitational Ambassador” in Okinawa!
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST)
Associate Vice President, Public Relations Dr. Yohei Morita

In 1992, he established the first homepage in Japan, at the Institute of High Energy Physics as it was known at the time. Currently, he is the Associate Vice President of Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST), which was ranked 1st in Japan in the Nature Normalization Index and 9th in the world.
* The Nature Normalization Index ranks research institutions around the world by percentage of high-quality papers.

Scientific societies invited to Okinawa
  • 21st International Conference on Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics (CHEP2015)
  • Strings 2018
  • International Conference Science Biology(ICSB2019)and more

Read interview

  1. Q1What are the benefits of holding a conference in Okinawa?

    Okinawa is attractive because it is possible to hold meetings by the sea, with its beautiful coral reefs and natural environment. In addition, holding meetings away from the everyday atmosphere of gathered researchers provides stimulus for more vigorous communication at meetings.

  2. Q2What are the significance of holding a conference in Okinawa? (What makes Okinawa different from other places?)

    The beautiful coral reefs, subtropical greenery forests, unique culture and customs, food, and warm hospitality passed down from the Ryukyu dynasty will allow all participants to get out of their daily life and that generates active communication and inspiration during the meetings. I In addition to its attractive location and excellent connection to major airports in Asia, the Okinawa’s greatest strength lies in the right combination of its ability to provide ample urban functions for conferences and refreshing feeling that motivates the participants.

  3. Q3If you have any images or impressions that you may have received from the place called Okinawa, which has a unique history, and/or the people of Okinawa, please let us know.

    Friendship / deep affection and praying for world peace

  4. Q4Please tell us about the networking among researchers at the conference and the opportunity to interact with the local people in Okinawa, where the conference was held.

    In addition to the invitation lectures, the poster session, the reception and the banquet at the plenary session, we had various opportunities like campus tours, lectures at the local universities and satellite workshops to build and deepen the networks between participants, local universities’ staffs and students.

  5. Q5Please deliver the message to organizers considering holding conferences in Okinawa.

    Okinawa is blessed with bountiful nature, and has the effect of enriching conversations at gatherings held within this natural paradise. Also, while giving the impression of being “far away”, Okinawa has the added big attraction of having infrastructure that allows for easy access from within Japan and Asia, infrastructure that will continue to be enhanced.

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Regarding the use of the “Okinawa MICE Brand” logo
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