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About Okinawa

About Okinawa

Good access from major cities in Japan and overseas

Population Okinawa Prefecture: 1.45 million ※1
Ratio of young population: 17.4% (No.1 in Japan) ※2
Population growth rate: 2.9% (No.1 in Japan) ※2
Location Okinawa Prefecture is located on the southwestern tip of the Japanese archipelago and is comprised of 160 islands (49 of which are islands with residents), large and small, which scatter in the waters of about 1,000km from east to west and about 400km from north to south. The largest Okinawa Island has an area of about 1,210km² and stretches 135km from north to south. ※3
Key industry Tourism, IT, logistics
Number of tourists who come to the region About 10 million (foreign tourists: about 290,000 people)
Economic growth rate forecast 1.07% (No.1 in Japan Real average growth rate forecast for a period between 2007 and 2020) ※4
Access Within four hours from major cities in East Asia by airplane
Major remote islands Yaeyama Islands (Ishigaki Island, Iriomote Island, Yonaguni Island)/Miyako Island/Kume Island

※1.Estimated as of March 1, 2019 (Estimated population based on the confirmed figures in the 2015 National Tax Survey)

※2.From the 2015 National Tax Survey


※4.Real average growth rate forecast


It’s warm throughout the year in Okinawa.
The climate is mild and pleasant even in winter.

Located in a subtropical zone, Okinawa has the mild climate all year round,
with the average temperature of over 20℃.
The temperature difference by season is small, and the temperature seldom goes below 10℃ even in winter.
Especially it is pleasant in the autumn and winter,
and perfect season to hold MICE events.
It would be easy to plan or arrange outdoor events.


MICE Areas

MICE Areas

MICE Areas

  • North Area
  • Central Area
  • East Coast Area
  • South Area
  • Miyako Yaeyama Area



Okinawa main island route bus comprehension guidance system
Bus Navi Okinawa

We will guide you to timetables and fares by specifying the departure points and destination stops of Okinawa main island.

Okinawa Urban Monorail Tourist Guide MAP
Mononavi Okinawa




Q. Is there any information for venues and facilities for MICE event such as conferences?

A. Yes. There are many facilities ranging from small to large-sized (capacity: 3,000 people) in Okinawa. It is possible to have various types of conferences or events in the facilities.
For details, please check the page of venue/facility search.

Q. What kind of MICE content is available in Okinawa?

A. There are many MICE contents special to a resort such as theme parties utilizing Okinawa’s location and locality, team building, CSR programs, and inspection tours in Okinawa.For details, please check here.

Q. Is there any special party venue in Okinawa?

A. Yes. There are a variety of venues for a party held with the backdrop of the huge aquarium of Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, a fantastic party held at the Valley of Gangala, a natural limestone cave, dinner cruising enjoying the beautiful sunset and starry sky and etc. You can fully enjoy the attractions of Okinawa in the venues. For details, please check the page of unique venue.

Q. Is there any support available at the time of holding MICE event?

A. Yes. We have supports available when using a convention such as a society (an international conference/conference in Japan) held in Okinawa, and a support menu that can be used for incentive tours (incentive tours, business trainings, invitation tours, etc.) and social gatherings in a society. For the latest information on the support contents, please check each page’s information.

Q. Is there any office we can consult MICE event outside Okinawa?

A. Yes. Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau (hereinafter referred to as “OCVB”) has the Tokyo Branch so please use the branch for gathering information in Tokyo.
Other than Tokyo OCVB branch,Okinawa Prefecture Osaka office, Okinawa Prefecture Nagoya Information Centerr, and overseas offices are available by Okinawa Prefecture operation.For details, please check here.

Q. Please tell us about restaurants that can be used depending on the desired number of persons.

A. You can check the seating capacity from the venue search page. Also, there is a list of restaurants with a large seating capacity. Please use the list for your reference. For detailed questions other than that, please ask us through the inquiry form.

Q. Can you introduce a land operator who can respond when an overseas company holding MICE event in Okinawa to us?

A. The business (land) operator we can introduce is different depending on the company’s country or condition. Please contact through the inquiry form.
Arrangement is unavailable by OCVB, Please understand that before hand.
Here is the list of business (land) operators who have accepted arrangements for overseas agents/companies.

Q. What kind of Okinawa’s PR video do you recommend?

A. There are some PR videos downloadable in the Media Library website operated by OCVB. Please check them.
Also, there are many conceptual image videos in “Be-Okinawas‘ movies” and “VISIT OKINAWA JAPAN” website for overseas with multilingual site.

Q. Are there any photos available other than OKINAWA MICE Navi Image Download?

A. Yes. There is a Media Library website operated by OCVB other than this website Image Download. Please feel free to use the Media Library.

Q. Is it required to apply for using Okinawa MICE brand’s logo ?

A. Yes. Regarding the way of using Okinawa MICE brand’s logo,please refer to the regulations.
Please check the MICE brand page to get more details and how to apply for use that in advance.

Please use the inquiry form below for the questions other than the above.