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Open the emotion ホテルにもっとインスピレーションを。

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    Panoramic View (night)
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    Panoramic View (day)
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    Large Banquet Hall
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    Chinese Restaurant Iyakuen
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    All-day Dining
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  • Panoramic View (night)
  • Panoramic View (day)
  • Large Banquet Hall
  • Chapel
  • Chinese Restaurant Iyakuen
  • All-day Dining
  • Pool
  • Fitness Gym
  • Lounge
  • Guest Room

Open the Emotion
The HOTEL COLLECTIVE was created with this idea.
Your stay, dining, shopping and events, all mixed with our unique local culture, will be above and beyond any expectation.
Your experience here will elicit emotion you didn’t think possible and set a new standard for your vacations.

It is located on Kokusai Dori where tourists gather from all over the world. We provide a luxurious and sumptuous ambiance revolving around our diverse Okinawan culture. An experience unlike any other.
Our goal is to be the new center of business and Okinawa tourism and to attract even those living in Okinawa, because of our central location.
Inspiring hotels.
Let us help create your own unique story. Your escape from yourself begins here.

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  • Basic Information
Name of Rooms Maximum Capacity Area
Ceiling Height
Usage fee Notes
Theater School Dinner Buffet
Large Banquet Hall (Can be partitioned into 3) 476 324 300 350 480(included stage ) A LED display (300 inches) is provided on stage
Large Banquet Hall A 210 144 130 170 255 and a multi-display (200 inches) is installed at the back of the conference room.
Large Banquet Hall B 80 54 60 80 90
Large Banquet Hall C 126 96 90 100 135
Medium Banquet Hall / Conference Room (Can be partitioned into 3) 288 135 150 160 250
Medium Banquet Hall / Conference Room A 96 45 50 50 80
Medium Banquet Hall / Conference Room B 96 45 50 60 85
Medium Banquet Hall / Conference Room C 96 45 50 50 85
2-5-7, Matsuo
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Approximately 15 minutes by car from Naha Airport, a 7-minute walk from Prefectural Office Station on the Monorail, near Matsuo bus stop
Vehicle parking
150 vehicles, Basement level 1: 38 vehicles, Disabled persons parking 2 vehicles; multi-story parking 108 vehicles
Money exchange
Automatic currency exchange machine is installed.
Internet Service
Both wireless and wired LANs are available.
Wi-Fi is available inside the building
Ordinary Capacity
632 people
Number of guest rooms
260 rooms
Other facilities
Restaurant (Japanese, western and Chinese), pool, chapel, bar and spa
Foregin language availability
English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean
Foreign language Brochure
English, Chinese(traditional and simplified), Korean
Foreign language Menu
English, Chinese
Description of Business
Hotel (Lodge, restaurant, pool, spa, chapel)
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