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This publicly-funded hotel is conveniently located for sightseeing and business in Okinawa. It is close to the airport, Naha bus terminal, Asahibashi monorail station, and Kokusai-dori Street, making the ideal location for tourists and shoppers. The hotel also has large, medium, and small conference rooms, which can also be used as banquet halls, and offers various services to meet any need of guests.

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Name of Rooms Maximum Capacity Area
Ceiling Height
Usage fee Notes
Theater School Dinner Buffet
大ホール 280 180 130 250 200 2 利用料金  (税込)/1h 9:00~17:00 23,100円  利用料金  (税込)/1h 17:00~21:00 ※宴会のみ22:00まで  115,000円 基本2時間 (宴会利用のみ最初の2時間半無料)
中ホール 90 60 60 70 100 2 利用料金  (税込)/1h 9:00~17:00 11,550円  利用料金  (税込)/1h 17:00~21:00 ※宴会のみ22:00まで  57,750円 基本2時間 (宴会利用のみ最初の2時間半無料)
中会議室 60 42 30 30 35 2 利用料金  (税込)/1h 9:00~17:00 5,800円   利用料金  (税込)/1h 17:00~21:00 ※宴会のみ22:00まで  29,000円 基本2時間 (宴会利用のみ最初の2時間半無料)
多目的ホール 80 60 50 50 100 2 利用料金  (税込)/1h 9:00~17:00 180,000  利用料金  (税込)/1h 17:00~21:00 ※宴会のみ22:00まで 29,000円 基本2時間 (宴会利用のみ最初の2時間半無料)
7 Asahimachi Naha city
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About 3 min walk from Asahibashi monorail station
Vehicle parking
70 cars
Cost / Visit fee
[A] ¥5,000–10,000
Credit Card
Ordinary Capacity
52 pax
Number of guest rooms
29 rooms
Around southern areas of Okinawa main island(Negotiable for other areas)
Around southern areas of Okinawa main island(Negotiable for other areas)
●Large Hall
●Medium Hall
●Medium Conference Room
●Multi-purpose Hall

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