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Ishigaki City Community Center

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  • Ishigaki City Community Center
  • Ishigaki City Community Center
  • Ishigaki City Community Center

Ishigaki City Community Center is located in the southernmost part of Japan and has a large hall that can accommodate more than 1,000 people. The Center organizes various events, including traditional songs, dances, and other performing arts befitting “Ishigaki”, known as the island of folk songs. Through these events, the Community Center contributes to cultural exchanges, creativity, and enhances the cultural awareness among residents of Ishigaki City. Visitors can enjoy the culture and arts unique to Ishigaki Island and its abundant nature.

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Name of Rooms Maximum Capacity Area
Ceiling Height
Usage fee Notes
Theater School Dinner Buffet
Large hall 1010 1,679.0 9.0m 9:00~12:00
(tax included) (weekday)12,000 yen
Ancillary facilities: Movie projector, large venue projector, screen, lighting
medium hall and conference room 300 150 418.0 5.0m 9:00~12:00(tax included) (weekday)5,000 yen Audio equipment, piano: 3 (will be charged separately)
48 42 75.6 2.7m 9:00~12:00(tax included) (weekday)1,100 yen Ancillary facilities: Audio equipment, lighting, piano: 1 (will be charged separately)
1-1-2, Hamasakicho
Closed day
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Approximately 30 minutes by car from Ishigaki Airport
Vehicle parking
55 vehicles
Business Hour
2 weeks in advance of the intended date
MICE Performance results
74th West to Southwest Japan Seminar (2012)
- The Institute of Electronics Information and Communication Engineers Microwave Research Conference (2012)
- 88th Special Interest Group on Fundamental Problems in Artificial Intelligence (2013)
* Large and medium hall usage fee when admission fee is not collected.
* Prices may change depending on usage time, days of the week and conditions.


Ishigaki City Community Center

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