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National Okinawa Youth Friendship Center

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National Okinawa Youth Friendship Center is a national educational facility for young people located in Tokashiki Island in the southernmost part of Japan, 32 kilometers west of Naha City. It is surrounded by the Kerama sea, which is among the most transparent sea in the world. The free marine training program takes advantage of its excellent marine environment and is very popular among users of the Center. For the accommodation for young visitors, this facility only charges ¥200 for a sheet for their stay.

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Name of Rooms Maximum Capacity Area
Ceiling Height
Usage fee Notes
Theater School Dinner Buffet
講堂 385 385 不可 不可 323.0 3.0 無料 付帯設備:舞台・音響機材
大研修室 95 95 不可 不可 134.9 3.0 無料 付帯設備:テーブル・イス・ホワイトボード
小研修室1~4 30 30 不可 不可 各40.0 各3.0 無料 付帯設備:テーブル・イス・ホワイトボード
和室研修室 不可 20 不可 不可 50.0 3.0 無料 付帯設備:座卓・座布団
セミナールーム 不可 160 不可 不可 160.0 3.0 無料 付帯設備:テーブル・イス(固定)・スクリーン
2760 Tokashiki, Tokashiki Village
Closed day
Days for facility check and maintenance, and other designated days by the director
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About 5 min by car from Tokashiki Airport
Vehicle parking
15 cars
Business Hour
1 month before the event date