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Yomitan Village Culture Center

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Yomitan Village Culture Center is a venue complex composed of “Otori Hall” and “Fureai Interaction Hall”. The center also has seminar rooms, a cooking room and a craft room to provide users with multilateral support for continuing education activities. A relaxed atmosphere is created by using Okinawan tiles for the building. Being surrounded by the wholesome nature of Yomitan, you can enjoy a pleasant sense of openness.

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Name of Rooms Maximum Capacity Area
Ceiling Height
Usage fee Notes
Theater School Dinner Buffet
鳳ホール 706 150 200 250 3,350.3 15 無料 付帯設備:舞台・照明・音響機材・プロジェクター 等
ふれあい広場 600 42 42 60 約792 - 付帯設備:舞台
中ホール 252 24 40 30 440 6 付帯設備:舞台・照明・音響機材・プロジェクター・ホワイトボード
講座室A 80 20 20 20 113.5 3.4 付帯設備:スピーカー・簡易音響機材・操作卓・ホワイトボード
講座室B 40 25 82.1 3.4 付帯設備:黒板
講座室C 30 58.7 3.4 付帯設備:ホワイトボード
和室A・B 25 44.2(A) 47.6(B) 3.1 付帯設備:なし
2901 Zakimi, Yomitan Village
(Otori Hall)
Closed day
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60 minutes drive from Naha Airport
Vehicle parking
98 (including 2 disabled parking)
Business Hour
9:00 - 22:00
1 week before the event date
MICE Performance results
Clarinet Festival in Okinawa (2011)
The 20th Sanshin Day event (2012)


Yomitan Village Culture Center

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