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Ryukyu Shimpo Hall

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  • Ryukyu Shimpo Hall
  • Ryukyu Shimpo Hall
  • Ryukyu Shimpo Hall
  • Ryukyu Shimpo Hall
  • Ryukyu Shimpo Hall
  • Ryukyu Shimpo Hall
  • Ryukyu Shimpo Hall
  • Ryukyu Shimpo Hall

Located diagonally across Naha City Office, Ryukyu Shimpo Hall is a multi-purpose event hall. The Hall is conveniently situated in the heart of Naha and the Prefecture Office and Kokusai Dori are within walking distance. With the 1st and 2nd floors combined, the maximum audience seating is 606 people. The various uses include lectures, concerts, and theater performances. The seats on the flat floor space available in front of the stage can be kept aside for a buffet party.

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Name of Rooms Maximum Capacity Area
Ceiling Height
Usage fee Notes
Theater School Dinner Buffet
Hall 606 554 9.4 Stage height 1 m, stage width 13.5 m, stage depth 7.5 m, Ancillary facilities: Stage, lighting, audio equipment, backstage, piano storage
1-10-3, Izumizaki
((琉球新報社読者事業局内) ≪2018年4月以降は変更の場合有≫)
Closed day
Not decided
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30 minutes by car from Naha Airport, approximately a 3-minute walk from Prefectural Office Station on the Monorail
Vehicle parking
40 vehicles
Attraction Programs
Varies depending on the program.
Business Hour
9:00-22:00( (plan to prepare))
Ordinary Capacity
606 people
Foregin language availability
Foreign language Brochure
Foreign language pamphlet has not been prepared as yet
MICE Performance results
Peace study lectures for school tours, etc.
◇ Catwalk (can be used by removing the motorized movable seats), a frontage of 14 m, a depth of 12.7 m (area of 177.8 m2), 478 seats
◇ (When the motorized mobile spectator seats on the 3rd floor are retracted) only 368 fixed seats
- The hall floor (= 204 m2) can be used for food and beverage
■ 2nd floor gallery (= can also be used as a conference room or stage waiting room)


Ryukyu Shimpo Hall