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Naha Bunka Tenbusu Hall

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  • Naha Bunka Tenbusu Hall
  • Naha Bunka Tenbusu Hall
  • Naha Bunka Tenbusu Hall
  • Naha Bunka Tenbusu Hall
  • Naha Bunka Tenbusu Hall
  • Naha Bunka Tenbusu Hall
  • Naha Bunka Tenbusu Hall
  • Naha Bunka Tenbusu Hall

Tenbusu Theater is a multi-function facility located in the center of Kokusai Dori. It has various spaces such as a hall, meeting room and a gallery, which can be used for different purposes and are most suitable for meetings and lectures. There are also classrooms and a Japanese-style room, which can be used for post-convention gatherings or waiting rooms. With a monorail station and bus stop for major bus routes nearby, you can easily access Tenbusu Theater without a personal vehicle.

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  • Basic Information
Name of Rooms Maximum Capacity Area
Ceiling Height
Usage fee Notes
Theater School Dinner Buffet
4th Floor Tenbusu Hall 246 100 150 250 180.0 6.6 10,500 yen~(tax included) Ancillary facilities: Stage, lighting, audio equipment, LED projector, DVD/VHS player, piano (extra charges included for all items)
3rd Floor Conference Rooms ①, ② (① and ② can be connected) 30 25 20 30 43 each 2.7 each each 2,180 yen(tax included)~ Ancillary facilities: White board, screen, conference tables and chairs
3rd Floor Gallery 100 50 40 60 81 2.7 11,160 yen (tax included)~ Ancillary facilities: Exhibition panels, exhibition stands, reception tables and chairs
IT Training Room 13 53 2.7 each 2,180 yen(tax included)~
3-2-10, Makishi
Closed day
Second and fourth Mondays of the month(In the case of a holiday, closed on the following day)
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Approximately a 5-minute walk from Makishi Station on the Monorail
Vehicle parking
81 vehicles (Fee required)
Business Hour
※Opening hours are 9:00-18:00 on Mondays only
※If Monday is a national holiday, opening hours are 9:00 - 22:00.
Consultation required
Internet Service
Internet available
Wi-Fi is available
Foregin language availability
English(daily conversation, quotation preparation)
* Audio equipment and projectors are available at each venue in addition to the incidental equipment.
* The gallery usage fee is the fee when the exhibits are not sold.
* Prices may change depending on usage time and conditions.
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Naha Bunka Tenbusu Hall

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