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1st Hall (First Hall)

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  • Restaurant and Private Party
  • 1st Hall (First Hall)
  • 1st Hall (First Hall)
  • 1st Hall (First Hall)
  • 1st Hall (First Hall)
  • 1st Hall (First Hall)
  • 1st Hall (First Hall)
  • 1st Hall (First Hall)
  • 1st Hall (First Hall)

A variety of events can take place here, including parties and live performances. You can reserve the entire hall that accommodates up to 300 people with buffet-style parties. We are proud of the acoustic system. A karaoke system and projectors are also provided. We can also arrange comedy performances, traditional performing arts, samba, and other entertainment attractions.

#6F,7F RJ Building, 2-1-15 Matsuyama
Closed day
No holidays
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Approximately a 8-minute walk from Miebashi Station on the Monorail
Vehicle parking
No parking
○ Party Plan (specializing in food) Price: 3,500 yen per person, 7 dishes (buffet style), all-you-can-drink time: 3 hours
Business Hour
Open only during reservation (Please enquire)
Entire building
Ordinary Capacity
Hall 1 (7F): 120 people, Hall 2 (6F): 100 people, Hall 3 (6F): 75 people, Hall 2 and 3 combined: 200 people
Made to order
Vegetarian (enquire)
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1st Hall (First Hall)

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