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Baikingu Izakaya RIO

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Since established in 1993, RIO has offered all-can-eat-and-drink service with no time restriction. The price is 2,700 yen for men, 2,200 yen for women. You can enjoy mainly Western and Chinese foods and several Ryukyuan dishes. You can enjoy nine kinds of beer and five to six kinds of local shochu Awamori, wine and soft drinks and you can even make original cocktails. Private rooms are also available that can accommodate from 10 up to 150 people.

Cocktail plaza 2F 1-34-3 Matsuyama Naha city
Closed day
Open Everyday
15 minutes walk from Kencho-mae Monorail Station
○Possible to partition a room for 150 people. No time restriction. Participants can come to the party separately, and take off early.
Business Hour
Weekdays 18:00 ~ midnight
Fridays, Saturdays, the day before national holidays: 18:00 ~ 01:00
Credit Card
Ordinary Capacity
400 people

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