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Hiyori Ocean Resort Okinawa

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「沖縄時間 心晴れやかにくつろぐ 沖縄日和」を大満喫できる、全室オーシャンビューのプチ・ラグジュアリ―ホテル。

  • Hotels
  • Exterior view of the Hotel
    Exterior view of the Hotel
  • Entrance Hall
    Entrance Hall
  • Guest Room
    Guest Room
  • Indoor Pool
    Indoor Pool
  • Semi Open-air Bath
    Semi Open-air Bath
  • Main Restaurant
    Main Restaurant
  • Fitness Gym
    Fitness Gym
  • Hiyori Hamburger
    Hiyori Hamburger
  • Sunset from the Hotel’s Infinity Pool
    Sunset from the Hotel’s Infinity Pool
  • Dinner A La Carte 
    Dinner A La Carte 
  • Exterior view of the Hotel
  • Entrance Hall
  • Guest Room
  • Indoor Pool
  • Semi Open-air Bath
  • Main Restaurant
  • Fitness Gym
  • Hiyori Hamburger
  • Sunset from the Hotel’s Infinity Pool
  • Dinner A La Carte 

Hiyori Ocean Resort Okinawa is located in Onna village in Kunigami district of Okinawa, one of the leading resort areas in Japan. Being conveniently located at a 49-minute enjoyable drive along the coastline from Naha Airport, this resort is the closest to the airport among resorts in Onna village. Located on a hill with an unobstructed view of the west coast and the beautiful ocean of Onna Village, the resort offers an extraordinarily relaxing experience where you can enjoy a cheerful and leisurely time. The rooms are fully equipped with a kitchen, washer/dryer, indoor swimming pool with jacuzzi that you can enjoy all year round, and other common facilities such as a large bath, sauna, and gym.

〒904-0415 1055-1, Nakadomari
Closed day
No holidays
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Limousine Bus (via other hotels), Highway Bus (get down at Ishikawa IC, free pick-up and drop by our hotel), or Airport Shuttle Bus (get down at Onna Station, free pick-up and drop by our hotel) from Naha Airport
Approximately 45 minutes
Vehicle parking
Parking for 203 vehicles (with roof), bus parking available
MICE plan
Coffee service, white board, projector etc. are available for rent
Description of service
There are seven options for dining (main restaurant, BBQ, teppanyaki, BAR, poolside bar, deli and sweets, in-room dining)
The semi-open-air public baths have a dry sauna and water bath for men and an aroma steam sauna for women.
Cost / Visit fee
Please make an advance reservation for the field trip (Free field trip)
Business Hour
Available 24 hours a day
Performance time
Please feel free to contact us any time.
5 days in advance
Credit Card
VISA, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Master Card, Diners Club, Union Pay, Discover
Money exchange
Money exchange not available
Free Wi-Fi is available in all rooms
Ordinary Capacity
812 people
Number of guest rooms
203 rooms (5 people can be accommodated in a room)
Other facilities
Restaurant, bar, large public bath, sauna, gym, indoor and outdoor pools, jacuzzi, lounge, convenience store, select shop, activity counter, function room, aesthetic salon
Available (no delivery)
Allergy support
Please let us know if you have any allergies and the severity in advance.
Made to order
Custom-made services available
Foregin language availability
English, Russian, Chinese
Foreign language Menu
Description of Business
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Hiyori Ocean Resort Okinawa