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Hotel Sea Breeze Coral

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  • Exterior view
    Exterior view
  • Front Entrance
    Front Entrance
  • Pool
  • Casual Twin Room
    Casual Twin Room
  • Buffet Restaurant
    Buffet Restaurant
  • Buffet Restaurant 2
    Buffet Restaurant 2
  • Breakfast on the Terrace
    Breakfast on the Terrace
  • Souvenir Shop
    Souvenir Shop
  • Lobby Facade
    Lobby Facade
  • Poolside Evening View
    Poolside Evening View
  • Exterior view
  • Front Entrance
  • Pool
  • Casual Twin Room
  • Buffet Restaurant
  • Buffet Restaurant 2
  • Breakfast on the Terrace
  • Souvenir Shop
  • Lobby Facade
  • Poolside Evening View

A superb accommodation situated almost in the middle of the Shigira Seven Miles Resort on Miyakojima's southern coast. The hotel is surrounded by the Shigira Golden Onsen (hot spring) and popular restaurants, while the field house is also within walking distance. You can enjoy all the resort has to offer including dining, shopping, and activities during your stay.

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  • Basic Information
Name of Rooms Maximum Capacity Area
Ceiling Height
Usage fee Notes
Theater School Dinner Buffet
Hotel Breeze Bay Marina Tower Building 1F "Convention Room" 200 160 160 240 303.2 4 Stage, audio equipment Usage fee
(Tax included)/1h: 55,000 yen
Square arrangement: 100
974-3, Ueno Miyaguni
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Approximately 15 minutes by car from Miyako Airport, approximately 50 minutes by car from Shimoji-shima Airport
Cost / Visit fee
Average room rate: [B] 10,000 yen - 20,000 yen
Credit Card
VISA, MASTER, JCB, DINERS, AMEX, UnionPay and others.
Internet Service
Entire building
Entire building
Ordinary Capacity
340 people
Number of guest rooms
170 rooms
Foregin language availability
English and others
Foreign language Brochure
English and other
Description of Business
More than 20 restaurants (Japanese, Western, Chinese, and Ryukyu), cafes, bars, wedding halls (chapels), banquet halls, golf courses, conference rooms, swimming pools (indoor and outdoor), beauty salons, marine leisure activities, Izakaya, natural hot spring facilities, bakeries, stores, and others (all within the resort)


Hotel Sea Breeze Coral

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