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Bay Cruise Miyakojima, Mont Blanc

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Welcome to the emerald-green world of Bay Cruise Miyakojima

  • Irabu Bridge and the Mont Blanc
    Irabu Bridge and the Mont Blanc
  • Sunset with the Mont Blanc
    Sunset with the Mont Blanc
  • On board the Ship
    On board the Ship
  • The Aqua Lounge
    The Aqua Lounge
  • Guests enjoying lunch
    Guests enjoying lunch
  • Various Dishes
    Various Dishes
  • Food
  • Irabu Bridge and the Mont Blanc
  • Sunset with the Mont Blanc
  • On board the Ship
  • The Aqua Lounge
  • Guests enjoying lunch
  • Various Dishes
  • Food

"Mont Blanc" is Okinawa Prefecture's first underwater restaurant cruise ship with the emerald-green sea glittering in the sunshine of Miyakojima Island's true sun (or Matida in the local language), the bridges connecting the remote island, and the city lights. The gorgeous interiors that accentuate the spectacular view from the ship's windows and the Aqua Lounge keeping you entertained with its underwater view will surely bring you new surprises and excitement that you haven’t experienced before.
The Aqua Lounge is an open space with a 3-meter-high ceiling, where you can relax and enjoy the underwater scenery without changing your clothes. Enjoy a cruise while savoring the head chef’s signature buffet and multi-course menu.
Enjoy the blue sea of Miyako during the lunch cruise, and the sunset, moonlight, and starry sky during the dinner cruise. The "Mont Blanc" cruise from Hirara port to Miyako Island will provide you with memorable experiences of exploring the seas of Miyako Island.

#2F Marine Terminal 108-11, Hirara Aza Shimozato
Closed day
Open all year round(The ship is not operated for 2 to 3 weeks once a year for inspection.)
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Approximately 15 minutes from Miyako Airport
Vehicle parking
You can use the free space inside the Hirara Port Terminal (near Mont Blanc), or those who are not comfortable with this option can use the nearby coin parking lot that charges 100 yen per hour.
Description of service
(1) Irabu Bridge Morning Cruise [Details] Visitors can enjoy the morning of Miyakojima with luxurious cruising. Departs from Taira port, you can see the emerald green ocean. You can also enjoy the beautiful underwater world from the Aqua Lounge on the bottom of the ship The fresh morning sun shining through the ship's windows, combined with the luxurious interior design, is sure to add a wonderful touch to your morning.
(2) Lunch Cruise [Details] Enjoy a luxurious lunch cruise in a restaurant moving on the sea. This course starts from the Hirara Port and slowly goes around the bay while guests have lunch. You can also enjoy the beautiful underwater world from the Aqua Lounge on the bottom of the ship. Enjoy a rich, luxurious and soothing cruise, while enjoying the culinary specialties of our chef.
(3) Sunset Dinner Cruise [Details] This is a dinner and sunset cruise plan that you can enjoy on the prefecture's first underwater observation type cruise liner "Mont Blanc". A dinner cruise on a luxury cruise ship while watching the sunset will be a special memory of your time on Miyakojima Island. Relax and indulge in our chef's signature dishes.
Irabu Ohashi Morning Cruise: Adults 3,000 yen including tax/Children 1,500 yen including tax/Infants free of charge
Lunch Cruise: Adults 4,500 yen including tax/Children 2,500 yen including tax/Infants 500 yen including tax
Dinner Cruise: Adults 6,500 yen including tax/Children 4,500 yen including tax/Infants 500 yen including tax
* Beverages on the dinner cruise can be purchased with tickets. 2,000 yen per adult includes unlimited alcohol (beer, Awamori, Shochu, red and white wine, whiskey) and soft drinks, and 1,000 yen includes unlimited soft drinks. Guests up to 12 years old can enjoy all-you-can-drink soft drinks for 500 yen. You can purchase tickets by contacting the onboard staff. (Additional charges)
Business Hour
8:30-20:00/ Booking hours 9:00-17:00
Performance time
(1)9:00/The time required is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. 
(2)12:30/The time required is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. 
(3)17:00・April - September/18:00・October - March/The time required is approximately 2 hours.
17:00 the day before
Caution for application
● Please note that the minimum number of participants is 10, and the program may be cancelled if the number of participants does not reach the minimum number.
● If the group is small, the dinner buffet may be replaced by a box lunch prepared by our chef. Please understand.
● Note that the service may be cancelled or changed without prior notice due to weather or sea conditions.
● Please make sure to register a cell phone number of Japan when you make your reservation so that we can contact you on the day.
● There is nothing in particular that you need to carry along, but bringing any food or drink on board is not allowed.
● Miyakojima has intense sunshine in summer in winter, and the north wind can make it colder than expected, so it may be a good idea to bring a jacket along.
● We do not have a dress code, so visitors can feel free to wear any clothes that they like.
Credit Card
Credit cards are not accepted
Money exchange
Not available
Internet Service
Internet not available
Without Wi-Fi
Ordinary Capacity
Maximum number of employees: 300/approximately 120 seats
Number of guest rooms
4 rooms
Delivery not available
Not available
Allergy support
You can choose from the buffet Menu. Contact the onboard service staff for more information.
Made to order
Custom-made services available
Arrangement for translation
Please enquire
Foregin language availability
Coordination in foreign language is not possible
Foreign language Brochure
Pamphlets are not available in foreign languages
Foreign language Menu
Menus are not available in foreign languages
Description of Business
Sightseeing business


Bay Cruise Miyakojima, Mont Blanc

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