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"Welcome to Okinawa the forest" (Hortonoki)

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 Hortonoki is like a private retreat surrounded by forest near the Churaumi Aquarium. The restaurant and tropical garden, which has recently opened in October 2020, can be fully reserved for after-MICE and team-building activities, where outsiders are not allowed entry.
 A vast lawn called "Futobaru", on a hill where the wind blows all year round, and a 300-square-meter building with openings on four sides, a skeleton ceiling, positive pressure ventilating fans, and ceiling fans, provide enough safety measures against COVID-19.
 You can enjoy the spectacular view of the subtropical forest of Okinawa through the 15-meter-long windows of the building that looks like a barn on a farm, made with lavish use of solid old wood. On sunny days, you can also enjoy BBQ and bonfires on the lawn. We also run a six-room condominium-type hotel, which can accommodate a small group.

〒905-0209 503-1, Kitazato
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90 minutes by car from Naha Airport(4 minutes by car from Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium)
Vehicle parking
14 vehicles
Description of service
All-weather multi-purpose space that supports "eating", "playing", "learning" and "staying".
- Restaurant (indoor 300 m2): Dining, meetings, seminars, events and parties
- Terrace (semi-outdoor 100 square meters): Cafe, BBQ, telework, etc.
Tropical garden (3966.94 square meters outdoors): BBQ, bonfires, stargazing and yoga
- Hotel (6 rooms, 42 square meters): 2020 new construction, ideal for vacations and various training camps
Cost / Visit fee
- Accommodation: 10,000 yen /1 night breakfast plan / 1 person
- BBQ: 4,000 yen/person (including ingredients, grill, fuel and all-you-can-drink soft drink included)
- Bonfire: 3000 yen per fire pit (including fuel)
- Smoked food: 3000 yen per smoking unit (fuel included)
- “Hoshizora”: Free
Performance time
9:00 - 22:30(Open all year round: Please feel free to contact us by phone or Website in advance)
Credit Card
Credit cards are accepted
Restaurants, tropical gardens, and all areas of the hotel
Ordinary Capacity
120 people
MICE Performance results
Due to the emergency situation caused by COVID19 infection and measures to prevent the spread of the disease, we have refrained from accepting events after the opening in October 2020.