Japan Service Company Co., Ltd.

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We have a proven track record of charter flight bookings and we are fully operational with offices in Okinawa, Tokyo, and Sapporo

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Japan Service Company Co., Ltd.

〒900-0031 1-21-6, Wakasa
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MICE Performance results
March 2018 S.K.H. St. Peter's Primary School: 40 participants
June 2018: Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong (C.M.A.) Secondary School: 32 participants
March, May 2018: Omron Corporation, team building: 120 participants
April 2019: Guangxi Dogokai, Conference, 400 participants
May 2019: Beijing Technology and Business University (MBA), Annual Meeting, 25 participants
Entertaining tourists from various regions in China, promotions in China to raise Okinawa's profile
Planning and entertainment of charter flights Create products to make more hotels and restaurants in Okinawa available
Planning and entertainment for school trips to Taiwan and Hong Kong


Japan Service Company Co., Ltd.

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