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We mainly offer interpretation/ translation service in Chinese, guided tours for Chinse tourists (local certified Chinese guides are registered), interpretation assistance for arrangements and hosting of resort weddings for overseas clients, Chinses seminar training at your office, business support between Japan and China, and Chinese classes.

#101 2-3-21 Nishizaki, Itoman
Closed day
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Cost / Visit fee
Depends on the conditions and terms, contact us for details.
Business Hour
Foregin language availability
Chinese, English, and Korean
Description of Business
Consecutive, conference, business, and escort interpretation, translation and dispatch of licensed guides
Past Performances
Multilanguage Information Center (English, Korean and Chinese) of Press Room at Okinawa International Movie Festival 2012, tour guide of Miss International 2012 in Okinawa, Chinese guide training class for Itoman City Local Employment Improvement Plan for Unemployees, Itoman City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Seminar


China Bridge Co., Ltd

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