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A multi-lingual professional organization that offers smooth operation of international conventions. Highly experienced staff will be the coordinators. We provide not only interpretation and translation, but also attentive communication.

#3F Makishi Garden Building 2-22-36, Makishi
Closed day
Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays
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Cost / Visit fee
Simultaneous Interpretation, 4 hours, 80,000 yen;
Consecutive Interpretation, 4 hours, 50,000 yen
Business Hour
Credit Card
VISA, MASTER and others.
Foregin language availability
English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), Korean, Spanish, Portuguese
Description of Business
Simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation, conference interpretation, business meeting interpretation, escort interpretation, translation and dispatch of interpreter guides
Past Performances
〇Costa Rica Ramsar Convention Conference of the Parties Interpretation
〇Ministry of Foreign Affairs Okinawa Hawaii International Symposium


Antenna, Ltd.

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