SITY Co., Ltd.

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SITY will become a partner that not only boosts (uplifts and strengthens), but also aims to grow with companies and creators who desire to make people happy and make this world a better place.

  • Planning/Operation
  • SITY Co., Ltd.
  • SITY Co., Ltd.

SITY Co., Ltd. is a one-stop shop for the following services:

- Planning
- Location suggestion
- Casting to staff arrangements
- Production (from shooting to editing)
- Distribution (on-demand, live distribution)
- Operations (website development, social media management, various video streaming services)
- Advertising (Google ads, advertisements on various social media)
- Improvement analysis (Analytics, etc.)

Each of the services we offer is handled by professionals in the field. We work together with our clients so they can achieve their goals and targets.

〒900-0004 #409 Naha Industry Support Center 2-3-1, Mekaru
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Past Performances
We have produced the YouTuber "Seyarogai Ojisan" who shouts about social issues, and we run the YouTube channel "Warashigami", which has 326,000 registered users (as of April 2021). We are also involved in a variety of other genres, including the production of web dramas promoting traditional arts (a prefectural project), video content for local governments to tell the story of the Battle of Okinawa, online seminars, and live streaming of artists. We have experience in producing websites for top companies in Okinawa, and we also handle day-to-day operations. If you have any questions about photography or web promotion in Okinawa, please contact us.


SITY Co., Ltd.