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The first private art museum in Okinawa, opened in 1994. Permanent display of "Illustrations on the Battle of Okinawa" by Iri Maruki and Toshi Maruki

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  • Sakima Art Museum
  • Sakima Art Museum
  • Sakima Art Museum

The museum opened in 1994 on the partially returned ancestral land of the U.S. Futenma Air Base, in order to permanently display the "Illustrations on the Battle of Okinawa", a collaborative work by Iri Maruki (1901-1995) and Toshi Maruki (1912-2000), who were husband and wife. In addition, we have a collection of pieces by artists such as Käthe Kollwitz, Georges Rouault, Chimei Hamada, and Yayoi Kusama, as well as works by Okinawan authors. We hold collection exhibitions and special exhibitions three to four times a year.

〒901-2204 358, Uehara
Closed day
Tuesdays, Bon Festival of the lunar calendar and new year’s holidays
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Approximately 1 hour by car from Naha Airport (when travelling on the expressway approximately 40 minutes from Tomigusuku/Makachi IC to Nakagusuku IC)
Bus: Naha Airport Bus Stop #25 / Futenma Airport Line approximately 70 minutes
Yui Rail: Naha Airport Station ~ Furujima Station (23 minutes)
Change buses at Furujima Station
==> Take bus No. 88/Ginowan line or No. 90/Chibana line and get off at Uehara bus stop (approximately 30 minutes)
Take a Taxi from Furujima Station
⇒ By Taxi (Approximately 20 minutes)
Vehicle parking
15 vehicles
Business Hour
Credit Card
Credit cards are not accepted
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Description of Business
Art Museum
- "Battle of Okinawa” is the only permanent exhibition. Please contact us for exhibitions of works from other collections
- The Futenma Air Base can be seen from the museum rooftop, but use of the rooftop only is strictly prohibited.
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Sakima Art Museum