“Naumai”, Bios Hill Team Building

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Mother Nature serves as a field that is 5.3 times the Tokyo Dome! Improve your organizational skills through an "extraordinary" experience at Bios Hill!

  • Team Building
  • “Naumai”, Bios Hill Team Building
  • “Naumai”, Bios Hill Team Building

We provide awareness programs where visitors can experience nature in a vast area, have contact with plants and animals, and feel a sense of gratitude in tourism.
Each team consists of 6 people, and we can accommodate up to 72 people.
Teams compete with each other to complete 5 challenges in 150 minutes, and the winning team is awarded a special program that can only be experienced at Bios on the Hill.

961-30, Ishikawa Kadekaru
Closed day
Open all year round
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Approximately 60 minutes by car from Naha Airport (using Okinawa Expressway),
approximately 15 minutes from the Ishikawa IC on the Okinawa Expressway
Vehicle parking
130 vehicles, open all year round
Description of service
Approximately 150 minutes program. A team of 6 members and a maximum of 72 people can be accommodated at one time. Can be accommodated from 9:00 to 15:00.
Five challenges in the vast wilderness!
Lake viewing cruise (jungle cruise), making souvenirs and program
Cost / Visit fee
Including park entrance fee 9,000 Yen
Business Hour
Approximately 150 minutes
7 days in advance of the intended date
Caution for application
Please fax us the group name, date of visit, number of people and payment method.
Please wear comfortable shoes (leather shoes not allowed) and clothing that is easy to move in.
In case of rain, please bring a raincoat.
Credit Card
Credit cards are not accepted
Ordinary Capacity
72 people can be accommodated at a time.
Foregin language availability
Japanese only
Description of Business
Sightseeing business
Past Performances
40 people x 2 in 2019 at a mainland company
Panphlet and documents


“Naumai”, Bios Hill Team Building