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The Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters

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Worth a Look - Valuable Historical War Remains

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  • Memorial tower
    Memorial tower
  • cave
  • bifurcated passage
    bifurcated passage
  • commander's office
    commander's office
  • museum 1
    museum 1
  • museum 2
    museum 2
  • Orizuru
  • Memorial tower
  • cave
  • bifurcated passage
  • commander's office
  • museum 1
  • museum 2
  • Orizuru

A bunker that tells us valuable stories of wartime, with traces of hand digging done day and night by about 3,000 soldiers spending five months, holes made by hand grenades that were used to commit suicide, and letters left on the wall by the commander-in-chief.
The glimpse of the living conditions of the soldiers in bunkers, especially when the war worsened, the history of the "Memorial Tower" built by the Okinawan civilians, and the “Peace Museum” that displays the items of those times, where you can learn the history of the war, help you realize once again the folly of war and the value of peace. The access is convenient from Naha Airport and the expressway, and the museum is open on all days throughout the year with tours even during rainy weather. Being equipped with wheelchairs and free parking, the museum facilitates barrier-free, safe, and secure tours. Guided tours of the museum are also provided for groups such as MICE, upon request.
Foreign visitors can also take part in our Origami Program where you can learn to fold paper cranes.

236, Tomigusuku
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Approximately 15 minutes by car from Naha Airport
Vehicle parking
Can accommodate 10 large buses and 100 vehicles (free of charge)
The building is barrier-free designed
The visitor Center is barrier-free. Wheelchair-accessible toilets available. Wheelchairs are available for rent (2 units). However, since there is a is a staircase to enter the shelter, wheelchair users will have to enter from the exit (slope). Please call to make a reservation and confirm in advance.
Cost / Visit fee
General adult 600 Yen Child 300 Yen
Group adult 400 Yen Child 200 Yen
Group rates will be applicable for a minimum of 20 people.
Show your "disability certificate" for half price. (Adults: 300 yen/Children: 150 yen)
Show your Yui Rail (Monorail) one-day pass for a discount. (Adults: 480 yen/Children: 210 yen)
Business Hour
Open all year round
9:00-17:00(Entry closes 16:30)
The total time for the museum and shelter tour is about 30-40 minutes.
Credit Card
Credit cards are not accepted, only cash payment
~Record and store bunkers of high historical value and view them remotely ~
Virtual access to the command room and signal room inside the pit, which are currently off limits.
Panoramic image
○ The Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters
○ Visitor center
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The Former Japanese Navy Underground Headquarters

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