Bingata dyeing (2 coasters, small tote bag, table runner, large tote bag)

"Naha City Traditional Arts & Craft Center, located on Kokusai-dori Street, has five studios. Craftsmen run all of the workshops including Bingata dyeing, Tsuboya pottery Shisa dog making, Ryukyu lacquer plate painting and Ryukyu glass making, so you can try any of these without worries."
Address Tenbusu Naha 2F, 3-2-10 Makishi, Naha City
Phone 098-868-7866
Fax 098-868-3005
Website Official website
Business hours9:00am– 6:00pm
Holidays"Ryukyu glass (Thu), Ryukyu Bingata (Sun), Shuri weave (Wed), Ryukyu lacquerware
(Please ask in advance)"
AccessAbout 3 min walk from Makishi monorail station
Program / opening time / capacity / length"You can start coloring right away using pre-set pattern. Set aside for three days and then wash to complete your work of art at home. /10:00am– 4:00pm /1–40 pax / About 1h"
Cost"¥1,540–¥3,100 / Take home the same day, and then wash out the starch at home three days later to complete."

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