The terms of use (hereinafter referred to as “the terms”) regulate the terms of use of the services of “downloading MICE images” and the “MICE proposal document” (hereinafter referred to as “the services”) provided by Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau (hereinafter referred to as “OCVB”) on this website. The users who registered as a member (hereinafter referred to as “users”) can use the services in accordance with the terms.

Article 1 (Application)
The terms shall apply to all the relations related to the registration and use between users and OCVB.
Article 2 (Member registration)
1. The member registration shall be completed when a person who wants to apply for the member registration, and OCVB approves this.
2. In case OCVB considers an applicant for the member registration has either of the following reasons, it may not approve the application for the member registration, and shall not be obliged to disclose the reasons for that.
1) In case an applicant reports false matters in the application of the member registration.
2) In case it’s an application from a person who violated the terms before.
3) In case the user registration was deleted in the same kind of image downloading service as the services operated by OCVB.
4) Other cases where OCVB considers the member registration is not appropriate.
Article 3 (Notification of change)
1. If there is a change in the registered matters of the services, users shall promptly notify the change to this foundation in a designated way.
2. Even if a user suffers a disadvantage due to the lack of the notification mentioned in the preceding item, this OCVB shall not take any responsibility for that.
Article 4 (Management of a user ID and password)
1. Users shall manage their user ID and password for the services at their own responsibility.
2. Users shall not transfer or lend their user ID and password to a third party in any cases. If a login is done with the combination of the registered user ID and password, this foundation shall consider the login was done by the user who registered the user ID.
Article 5 (Usage charge and payment method)
The use of the services and registration fee are free of charge. Having said that, however, Internet connection fee, communication expenses and the expenses accompanying these or of the same kind shall be borne by users.
Article 6 (Terms of use)
1. Users may use materials (including the trimming and image quality correction within the range of not damaging the subject image such as editing, processing, etc.) for the purpose of attracting MICE to Okinawa, preparing materials for attracting guests, and only for the use the users described in the member registration form.
2. The materials and contents created by users using materials can be used in Japan and overseas.
3. Users must display either of the credits shown below when they use materials.
“© Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau”
“© OCVB”
* The character of © can be replaced with “Materials provided by” and “Copyright: “.
Article 7 (Prohibited matters)
1. Users of the services must not do the acts that violate laws such as the following.
(1) Acts that related to criminal acts;
(2) Acts that destroy or disturb the functions of this foundation’s server or network; and
(3) Acts that may disturb the operation of the services of OCVB.
2. Users of the services must not do socially inappropriate acts such as the following.
(1) The acts that collect or accumulate personal information related to other users;
(2) The acts that pretend to be other users;
(3) The acts that claim a fictitious person’s or organization’s name, or lie that he or she is cooperative with other organizations, etc.;
(4) The acts that directly or indirectly provide profits related to the services of OCVB to antisocial forces; and
(5) Other acts considered to be inappropriate by OCVB.
Article 8 (Suspension of the provision of the services, etc.)
1. OCVB may suspend or interrupt part of or all the provision of the services without prior notice to users.
(1) In case it does maintenance or updates of the computer system related to the services;
(2) In case the provision of the services is difficult due to an earthquake, lightening, fire, blackout, and other force majeure such as natural disasters;
(3) Other cases where this foundation considers it difficult to provide the services.
2. OCVB shall not take any responsibility for disadvantages or damages incurred by the suspension or interruption of the services regardless of the reason.
Article 9 (Restriction of use and cancellation of registration)
1. OCVB may restrict all or part of the services for users, or cancel the registration of users without prior notice in the following cases.
(1) In case a user violates either of the provisions in the terms;
(2) In case it tuned out that there is a false fact in the registered matters;
(3) Other cases considered to be inappropriate by OCVB.
2. OCVB shall not take any responsibility for users’ damages incurred by the acts by OCVB based on this article.
Article 10 (Disclaimer)
1. The non-performance of the main obligation of OCVB shall be exempted from liability if it’s not caused by intentional or gross negligence.
2. OCVB shall take responsibility within the limit of general damages if it takes responsibility for some reason.
3. OCVB shall not take any responsibility for a transaction, contact or dispute between a user and other users or a third party in terms of the services.
Article 11 (Changes of service contents, etc.)
OCVB may change the content of the services or cancel the provision of the services without prior notice to users, and shall not take any responsibility for the damages caused due to this cancellation.
Article 12 (Changes in the terms of use)
OCVB may change part of the terms of use without prior notice to users, anytime when it consider it’s necessary.
Article 13 (Notification or contact)
1. Users shall contact the help desk of OCVB ( by e-mail when they need to contact this foundation. We cannot accept telephone calls or visits to our office.
2. OCVB shall contact users’ e-mail address registered on this website or the e-mail address for member registration, or contact or notify in an appropriate method this foundation considers as appropriate. If users suffer disadvantages such as not receiving the services provided by OCVB because users didn’t provide the right contact information, this foundation shall not take any responsibility.
Article 14 (Prohibition of the transfer of rights or obligations)
Users must not transfer their rights or obligations that are based on their status of the terms of use or the terms to a third party, or provide them as a collateral without a prior written consent of OCVB.
Article 15 (Governing law and Jurisdiction)
1. The terms of use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.
2. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with the terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court nearest to the headquarters of OCVB in the first instance.